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AIDS APK | Deezer Downloader 1.055-release


AIDS Deezer Downloader allows you to search for and download any songs at the highest quality (320kbps). The files are downloaded with high quality album artwork and the track name, number, artist name, album name, release year (and other information) are all downloaded with the track into a single MP3 file.

Deezer Downloader automatically adds downloaded songs to the Android media database so there is no need to run a media scan after downloading music. AIDS app is fully customisable and allows you to change the download location to anywhere on the device.

How to download songs: After searching for the song/album/playlist you want, press and hold it and then hit the download button at the bottom right corner. The song/album/playlist should start downloading. You may also like: Deezer Music Player APK Mod.

What’s New:
Added manual download path input, hold on the download path view
Tweaked the settings page a bit
Fixed a couple issues related to physical keyboards
Updated translations again (thanks RenatohRibeiro and Uziel)


  • App Name: AIDS – Deezer Downloader
  • Package Name: com.nick80835.add
  • Latest Version : v1.055
  • Updated On: 2020-06-13
  • File Name:
  • Size: 2.17 MB
  • Hash Verification:
    • MD5: 96b618549d418233e42ba1e72ef28e9d
    • SHA1: ee5a93c083885c99846b22f976cc84f61c8853c4
    • SHA256: d980791cb77eb6a73c1e27182cf403b800416fdd5b5fc90abda14c611317b949


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