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APK Editor Pro 1.10.0 Mod + Plugins Patch


APK editor can help you to hack or crack apk files which have a lot of restrictions. With this editor, you can modified strings, replace icons, edit layouts, removing ads, remove limitation from the free version, make it pro or premium, and more. This is the best and powerful tools that can edit/hack apk files, Enjoy to do lots of things for fun!

Customize any application that you want without any restrictions over the apps.

Make all your applications ad-free and don’t worry about the ads popping while using the app.

The application is easy to use for modifying the apps and files.

Move Apps to SDCard
Move the system apps to SDcard save a lot of space on your device.

Remove the Ad Permission
Remove the ad permission of some of the free app which comes with the app permission options.

Hack Games
Now hack your favorite games to reach levels you couldn’t before.

Mod Features + Plugins Patch

  • Patched [No Root, No Instruction needed] (credits biN32)
  • Usefull plugins Patch:
  • 11-in-1 Patch
  • Activator
  • Addsave
  • Addsave-Toast
  • Android ID
  • Anti-Adaptive Icon b2
  • Anti-Advertising
  • Anti-analytics2 22-41-11
  • Anti-ModGuard(hide)
  • BackKill b4
  • BackKill-longPress-b2
  • BackKill-oneTouch
  • BinSignatureHack with htc
  • Debug information and hack signature
  • Decode id res
  • DexExtractor
  • Disable Google Ads
  • FakeGpsAutoGenerate
  • FakeIP
  • GenerateAndroidID
  • GenerateDeviceID
  • Generate Подмена модели устройства
  • GooglePlayServices
  • License hack
  • License-hack(Amazon)
  • removing metrics and analytics


  • App Name: APK Editor
  • Package Name: com.gmail.heagoo.apkeditor.pro
  • Latest Version : v1.10.0
  • Updated On: 2020-03-21
  • File Name: APK_Editor_Pro_v1.10.0_iptmod.com.apk
  • Size: 9.10 MB
  • File Verification
    • MD5: f7b208213fe64a9da4e04121067699e5
    • SHA1: 5595d88d9705b591a6d73b4762b9907047c28a14
    • SHA256: 716f2691e13c2c5c9c3e8e7f1f90b89a217e67fe515d1ac16f5feb5b44be0737


  • File Name: plugins_patch_iptmod.com.zip
  • Size: 264.88 KB
  • File Verification
    • MD5: 76932a3c87d72c615fed6593dbfc62a2
    • SHA1: f23afb2fd942cbe29a90c358e23e1948d9af8d57
    • SHA256: 7716185f2cd8ee09c334c1f2f4d4fe61b2bc4e486d192c5c2ec34db745def253

Plugins Patch (Optional)

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