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This 2020 install ARES Launcher Prime, it could be your final destination after you use for a day, you get multiple features in one app which saves time, memory and makes you smart by using 2020 smart features. Ares Launcher Prime(Ad Free,All features unlocked), you can down the Pro version for free.

No useless screens ,annoying animations, time waste tutorials, we only make what you would like and saves your time & effort to call your friends or family, to look for contact, to see who called you, to search any apps within micro seconds, get installed app lists in various combinations like installed date first or by name
,change app icon, see notifications, we are working on dialer advance features which will be introduced very soon.

Inbuilt Feature Highlights:
1.Boost memory
2.Clean Ram
3.Multiple Languages
4.Lock Apps
5.Hide Apps
6.Watch News Updates
7.iEasy Smart Ares Dialer
8.Inbuilt Messenger(coming soon)
9.Notification badges
10.Smart Search Powered by AI(artificial intelligence) Technology
11.iVoice Smart Assistant
12.Weather Notifications
13.iSmart Categories(powered by AI Technology)
14.Smart Torch
15.iControl Smart Center 11 Pro
16.iEasy Music Player
18.All apps page with sorting like install date, app name .alphabetical, grid and more
20.Double tap to lock screen
21.Full screen Mode
22.Prime Version with no Ads available.

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  • App Name: Ares Launcher Prime,Themes Wallpaper App locker
  • Package Name:
  • Latest Version : v2.6
  • Updated On: 2020-04-11
  • File Name:
  • Size: 10.87 MB
  • Hash Verification:
    • MD5: 7760609ebb435758dc38c8cf02182377
    • SHA1: fbc32ea8964f68b6c8b9b35971cff379d35cea47
    • SHA256: ca8c76249ab8f11251f54961afbeee236084c1e990d998b7ceb872e96b2b4c3e


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