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Do Not Disturb – Call Blocker APK 5.3.0 Premium


If you do not want to be disturbed during a meeting, an important appointment, the night, or at any other event, then this is the right application. You can choose whether to mute the sound, or completely block incoming calls, so that for the person who is calling you, your phone will be shown as busy. The application works either by setting the profiles with the internal scheduler, or in combination with the Android system calendar. By enabling the ‘Follow Calendar’ option, all events created in the system’s calendar with the state set to busy, will be managed by the application depending on the options you have chosen. In the profiles is also possible to match a Location, so as to activate the profile only when you are in the selected radius.

You no longer have to worry about calls and SMS that you receive unexpectedly that can create embarrassment or a bad impression. Once you have set the profiles, “Do Not Disturb” blocks all calls except those included in the “Whitelist”, where you can enter both individual contacts, as well as entire groups. You can manage different profiles for different times and days of the week. You can create any profile at any time you need, which can be useful, for example, for those who work and cannot receive calls, those who want to rest without being disturbed, and for many other occasions. In case you need to receive urgent calls that you have not included in the “Whitelist”, you can enable the “Emergency calls” option, so that after a predetermined number of repeat calls from the same number the call will be transmitted. You can also choose whether to enable the unknown numbers, so that with any active event (Profiles App, Android Calendar, Widget, Quick Start), the phone will ring always, so you never miss important calls.

For callers in the “Whitelist” you can set a specific ring tone level and activate the incremental volume or set a different ringtone. You can decide to mute the phone or to enable the vibration, and you can save battery power by turning off Bluetooth and Wifi. You can mute the phone instantly with a single click, using the inner button Quick Start, or using the widgets that conveniently preset on 3 types of schedules ranges: 5, 15, 30 minutes. Both for Widget that for the Quick Start you can create a White List dedicated.


  • App Name: Do Not Disturb – Call Blocker – Premium
  • Package Name: com.cuiet.cuiet.premium
  • Latest Version : v5.3.0
  • Updated On: 2019-11-18
  • Size: 7.96 MB
  • Hash Verification:
    • MD5SUM: 8ad9cc2648fb69303c2f5183c87330ec
    • SHA1SUM: 48a38ddcc19a4792c679ddc64f77825bfc4659c1


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