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Spotify Music Premium VHQ Mod Blue APK


If you want listen music without ads Spotify Premium VHQ Mod APK is what you looking for. Free download Spotify Premium Latest Mod APK with special blue theme. This latest mod fix some bugs, added VHQ (Very High Quality) Audio 320kbps bitrate and also add support for Multi CPU Architecture: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86 and x86_64. The previous mod app including features no ads/anlytics, disable audio ads, search and play premium music, unlock suffle, repeat, seek and skips. The mod also come with spotify canvas and you can share canvas to IG (Instagram) Story, unlock artists story line and behind lyrics. Get listen to any songs artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs, enjoy listen music with ad free.

Listen for free on mobile
• Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode

Listen for free on tablet
• Play any song, any time

Spotify Premium features
• Play any song, any time on any device–mobile, tablet, or your computer
• Download music for offline listening.
• Enjoy amazing sound quality.
• No ads – just uninterrupted music.
• No commitment – cancel any time you like.

Mod Features

  • Remove Ads/Analytics
  • Disable Audio Ads
  • Unlock Spotify Connect
  • Unlock Shuffling
  • Unlock Repeating
  • Unlock Seeking
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Choose any song
  • Unlock Spotify Canvas
  • Share Canvas to IG Story
  • Spotify Lyrics V2
  • Unlock Storyline
  • Unlock Behind Lyric
  • Special Blue Theme
  • Very High Quality Audio (320kbps Bitrate)
  • Multi CPU Arch: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64

Download APK

  • App Name: Spotify: Discover music, podcasts, and playlists
  • Package Name:
  • Latest Version : v8.5.89.901
  • Updated On: 2021-01-11
  • File Name:
  • Size: 60.94 MB
  • Hash Verification:
    • MD5: 9249f2c1bd725166d2e080b43cb22421
    • SHA1: 01da6be13b530cee2383159448c8412a63fd4d1c
    • SHA256: 2a33763ad94499d76ace5c98e8e8bc9069ed666c8e4601f95c36602e9e5281c6


25 thoughts on “Spotify Music Premium VHQ Mod Blue APK”

    1. Hi, i’m using your app with a free account, but in the settings panel it doesn’t let me select the extreme audio quality, only high, and when i select the quality of the download it says to me that this feature is locked for free users.
      It’s ok? Those features are unlocked by default or there is something wrong?
      I should leave the quality to automatic for the extreme audio quality?

  1. Yo!

    This mod doesn’t work anymore. Right now, it shows “you discovered premium feature” every time I tried to play any song.

  2. Hi, after installing the apk, when creating the session it says that I am not connected to the network and I try it from wifi and from 4g, what could be due to?

  3. This mod is very good, I love it a lot since it complies with everything, I hope they continue to release many more updates

  4. When I try and use the app it won’t let me log in with the auto fill option, it has let me log in with auto fill in the previous version. If you can’t help would you mind explaining/helping me understand how you mod an app.

  5. Hey can someone tell me how to fix the audio sounding distorted and low quality I can’t seem to get the audio quality to be good help would be greatly appreciated oh and also I have a note 20 ultra phone my regards the app the cool

  6. Still using mod. Works fine, except cannot open artist page (‘something went wrong’ error). Albums open as expected. Full songs, unlimited skips. ( is not usable for me)

  7. Current version ui looks like free Spotify while older version looks fine. Currently using samsung galaxy a42

  8. Hii, great app. But the thing is that I don’t remember the E Mail I logged in with my account and also it is not showing the E Mail I logged in. Also I can’t connect it to Facebook to connect it to my another device. Does that mean that my account is stuck in this device? Kindly help.

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